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I am now making the move off the tools... I have to say thank you to the guys at Trade Growth Systems...



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This is our client Ben...

Having struggled for 5-6 years to grow his business much past himself, and spending lots of money on shared lead sites, Ben was ready for a change...

Since working with us, Ben has been flooded with enquiries, developed better processes in his business and achieved his goal of coming off the tools...


You can scale to multi-6 or 7 figures with consistent lead generation, a dialled-in sales process, and 'Off The Tools' systems.

You might be thinking...

"Am I in the right place? "


If you are a growth-minded UK Trade Business owner with 1-2 teams,

...this is for you...

If you're sick and tired of:

Dead shared lead sites

Posting in buy & sell Facebook groups

And inconsistent roller-coaster months

...don't click away...

If you're looking to grow to multi-6 and 7 figures're finally in the right place...

(especially if you aren't sure how)

If you're an owner who understands that amazing results take time, consistent improvements and a lot of work...

...keep reading this page...

But... this is NOT for:

One-man bands

Bad reputations

Egos, d*ckheads & people not willing to put in the work

'Get Rich Quick' scheme seekers

People who won't implement data-backed advice

People unwilling to invest in themselves

Why Can You Trust Us?




Generated for Clients in the Last 6 Months


Home Improvement
Businesses Grown


Businesses Helped to Multi-6 Figures in Revenue
Businesses Helped to 7 Figures

...meaning we know the secrets for getting you to the top!


Wanna know something cool?..

Here's how you can get off the tools and on the road to multi-6 and 7 figures...

Pillar No. 1

Scalable Lead Generation

To scale from 1-2 vans to 3-5+ vans, you need consistent work every single month for all your teams.

Old Way: Beg for referrals, post in 'Buy and Sell' Facebook Groups, aimlessly post on social media and trawl shared lead sites for terrible enquiries.
Old Result: Feel frustrated with the constant ups & downs, and scared that you wouldn't have enough jobs come in next month to support your team & their families.
New Way: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google to drive consistent, exclusive enquiries straight to your phone each month.
New Result: New enquiries hit your phone every, single day so you can win jobs week in, week out, and actually plan your business growth this year.
Leads Screenshot For Website

In the above image, you can see over 900 quotes being requested by local homeowners for ONE business' top-level service, over the space of a year.

Pillar No. 2

Develop a Repeatable Sales Process

To scale a business to multi-six or seven figures in sales each year, you need a sales process that predictably spits out sales and delivers results consistently, month after month after month.

Old Way: Turn up to each potential customer's property saying different things at different times and different stages... at every single appointment.
Old Results: Sometimes you make a sale, but you can't repeat that exact outcome every time.

You're frustrated that sales aren't consistent (outside of referrals) and it often feels like the leads are bad!

Sometimes it feels like you're banging your head against the wall with sales great one month, and then poor the next... but you just don't know why.
New Way: Have a repeatable process where every sales conversation follows the same framework, where you say the same things in each situation... producing consistent results.
New Result: Quotes convert to sales every single month, where the volume of sales is maximised at the highest price.

This process can be repeated by a sales team too so you can step out of sales and focus on achieving the company vision.

No matter who steps into the sales appointment, you know what to say and when to say it, so sales can be achieved consistently, without stress.
Sales Process

With a repeatable process like the above, you're able to consistently close jobs, track your numbers and reliably forecast growth... so you know how many leads you need to then take on new teams & vans.

Pillar No. 3

Build Internal Operations Systems

To build a real business that works without you, you need to have bulletproof internal systems that your team can follow to make sure their work is carried out perfectly, every single time, without you having to be there.

Old Way: You project manage everything. You are the person your entire team looks to for what to do in each situation.

You have to be on-site all the time, involved in everything so the work is carried out correctly.
Old Results: You are constantly stressed putting out fires, having to be here, there and everywhere to make sure sh*t actually gets done (and correctly).

You have no time to step back and work on the business because you are so caught up in the day-to-day, so the business never really grows.
New Way: You have well thought out and well documented systems and processes so your team can do all the day to day tasks inside the business without you having to be there managing them and making sure it's done right.
New Result: You are able to step back, come off the 'tools & project management' side of the business as you feel safe knowing the team can produce the highest quality results, time after time (without you being involved at all).

You now actually have the time to work on the business, take days off and spend more time focussing on what you (the most important person in the business) really need to be doing - growing the company.
Systems Process

Imagine having folders of resources for your employees to fall back on, so that you don't have to be the one constantly telling them what to do, how to do it and when to get it done.

So as you can start to see, by implementing these core pillars, you can come off the tools whilst scaling your trade business to multi-6 or 7 figures...


Here are your options on doing the above...

Option 1 Result

Deciding to take the whole process into your own hands will require serious commitment.

You’ll need to learn how to manage lead generation platforms, develop a sales strategy, and build your own internal operating systems.

The learning curve is steep and laden with potential mistakes, costing you both time and money.

Remember how you might be spending hours learning to fine-tune ad spends, sales pitches, and the ins and outs of operational systems.

This self-training phase will inevitably lead to mistakes, some of which can be costly. Not to mention, you’ll need to maintain and scale the processes once you crack them.
Expected Timeline

Given the complexity and variety of skills required, expect to spend at least 18-24 months before you see substantial results.


The cost of learning materials, trial and error in platform ad spends, and missed opportunities could push your expenses between £20,000 and £30,000.

Plus, you’ll be sinking weeks, maybe even months, of your time into this venture.


Do it yourself image
Hire a team image
Option 2: Hire a team
Option 2 Result

If the idea of doing it all yourself seems overwhelming, hiring a specialist team may be a good fit for you.

This would entail bringing in a marketing representative for lead generation, a sales representative for crafting a repeatable sales process, and a Chief Operations Officer (or equivalent) for streamlining your internal operations systems.

However, remember the complexity of hiring the right person and dealing with varying lengths of notice periods.

This route comes with its own set of challenges, including the risk of hiring an underperforming team member and the required time and effort to coordinate the different specialists.
Expected Timeline

With the hiring process, onboarding, and the time for the team to synchronise and implement strategies, you should see significant results in about 12-18 months.


With the average salary for a marketing rep, sales rep, and COO ranging from £20,000 to £100,000 each per year, coupled with recruitment costs, you’re looking at an annual budget between £120,000 and £220,000.


Option 3: Do Nothing
Option 3 Result

Doing nothing may seem like the easy option, but it’s the one that could cost you the most. Without implementing changes, your business will likely remain stagnant.

The inconsistent job flow continues, you’re stuck on the tools, and there’s no growth on the horizon.

And worse, the constant comments from family and friends like “you’ve tried this for years and what have you got to show for it - just give up already” can lead to your eventual capitulation, leaving your dreams unfulfilled, your business unscalable, and you in a regular boring job you hate for stability.
Expected Timeline

The impact will be immediate, with the potential for your business to stagnate or even decline over time.


While there may not be upfront financial costs, the lost growth potential is huge. You’re looking at potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in missed revenue over the long run.

Plus, the emotional cost of not reaching your goals, having to give up your dreams, and settling for a less satisfying life is immeasurable.
Do nothing image




If you're a Trade Business Owner in the UK with 1-2 teams, who's looking to scale their business to multi 6-or 7 figures, but aren't quite sure how...

You are 100% in the right place.

Success Stories

Here are other owners across the UK (just like you) who are already on this journey.

"From managing a team on-site to £300K+ in 9 months"

Blue Shield Cleaning

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Aldous logo

"From new in the roof cleaning game to off the tools in 12 months"

Aldous Cleaning Services

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Dazzle and Shine logo

"From 1 van to 3 vans, and off the tools, in 18 months"

Dazzle & Shine

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"From doing odd jobs here and there... to £30k months at 19 years old"

Diamond Exterior Cleaning

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"From going out of business to 2 teams on the road in less than 6 months"

Megarry Bros

Dragon Clean & Coating logo

"From burnt by two marketing agencies to multiple teams and off the tools"

Dragon Clean & Coating

From Managing a Team On-Site to £300K+ in 9 Months

Blue Shield Cleaning

Richard's Story

Before Working With TGS: Richard had been in the exterior cleaning game for 3 years before he found TGS.  In that time, he had only managed to scale Blue Shield to £10k-£15k per month.  He was ready to invest and put the work into growing his company.

After Working With TGS: 16 Months on and Blue Shield has skyrocketed.  Pulling in over £300k from our system in the first 9 months, Blue Shield then had the platform, and regular cashflow, to put additional teams on the road to pursue Commercial work as well.  With TGS’ deal flow and support, combined with Richard having the financial means to focus on relationship building, he crossed the 7 figure run rate mark in early 2023 with a combination of TGS led residential work and his own commercial endeavours.

How We Did It: Over the 16 months we’ve worked together, we have generated Blue Shield over 1350 contact detail leads, plus countless phone calls, emails and messages.  Richard ruthlessly contacted these enquiries to maximise his success in the early stages, before then migrating out of the day to day with a ‘right hand man’ sales operator being hired. We even have this documented in a 90 minute interview where Richard broke down exactly how he pulled in an extra £300k in the first 9 months of working with us, exclusively for clients of TGS.

Blue Shield Case Study
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From 1 Van to Multiple Vans AND Off the Tools in 12 Months

Aldous Cleaning Services

Ben's Story

Before Working With TGS: When Ben came to us, he was locked on the tools and shackled to his window cleaning round.  Like many entrepreneurs reading this, he knew he was destined to run a larger business but didn’t know how.

After Working With TGS: 12 months on and Ben’s business has transformed.  He’s off the tools, now runs multiple teams and focuses on sales from his new office & lock up.  Now entering the scaling phase of working with us, he’s dialling in to come fully out of the day to day so he can spend more time with his young family.

How We Did It: Ben reports that one of the best things about working with us is that not only do you get exclusive lead flow and consistently higher revenue levels, but, we also communicate with him multiple times per week. During these communication sessions, Ben receives guidance and consulting services, alongside the direct revenue drivers, to help him sharpen his tools and grow as a business owner, as well as an overall company.

Aldous Facebook Screenshot
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From ‘The Owner & a Helper in a Van’ to
‘3 Teams on the Road and Off the Tools’ in 18 Months

Dazzle & Shine

Darren's Story

Before Working With TGS: Before working with us, Dazzle & Shine was in a slow period.  They had been spending money on Bark, running their own Facebook Ads and even using a lead generation company as well, however they were really struggling to sell enough jobs to put a second van on the road.

After Working With TGS: Flash forward 18 months to the present day and Dazzle have taken on 2 new teams, so now they have 3 vans out on the road cranking out jobs. They’ve added over £400k to their annual revenue and won the 2023 Essex Exterior Cleaning Specialists award. They are absolutely flat out, off the tools and said they “couldn’t have done it without TGS”.

How We Did It: One of the main factors in their success was going all out to attack the leads we generated for them. Once the sales were in the right spot, they took steps to make sure new teams could be put on the road and then they took every opportunity that came their way to add new vans and train up new teams.

Dazzle & Shine Case Study
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This is what we do...

Trade Growth Systems provides
area exclusive lead generation and growth consulting services
to UK trade business with 1-2 teams
who are looking to scale to multi-6 or 7 figures in revenue...

while having a more consistent job flow
and the blueprint to get them off the tools.
Unlike generic marketing agencies who just drive leads...

Trade Growth Systems partners closely with owners To implement systems needed to scale quickly and profitably...
while also providing a community where owners can mastermind with other high-level home improvement entrepreneurs.


This is the way we do it...

Here's our
Trade Growth System

A mobile phone receiving new leads for a business

System Step 1

Take Your Sales Numbers Up a Gear

First things first, we want to drive as much new revenue as possible into your business, and secure ROI.

We’re going to drive a boat load of leads, quotes and jobs your way through our virtual door knocking system.
Enquiries are going to hit your phone consistently throughout the week so you can do what you do every day, show up, quote and book the job.
If sales are not where they should be, we are going to put you through our ‘Sales Launch’ process to turn you into a sales beast.
The goal: Generate leads, increase your revenue and make sure sales are dialled in.

System Step 2

Prime Your Business for Growth

We want to make sure your business is set up to actually handle higher volumes of work, where you are involved in the day-to-day… through bulletproof operational systems.

Target the areas taking up most of your time.
Build out systems and resources for your team to rely on instead of you.
So you can step back whilst knowing your team is going to carry out their tasks perfectly every time.
The goal: to have a real business that is setup to work without you.
Once the system is built out, we move onto step 3.
A computer screen showing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
A screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation showing a client achieving brilliant results.

System Step 3

Scale Your Business Up

Once the business is primed for growth, we begin scaling you advertising spend so you get more enquiries, more quotes and more jobs… so you can actually grow the company.

Grow through an increased demand for your services.
Take on new team members with your rock solid systems and new work load.
Actually grow the business you’ve been wanting to grow.. with more vans, more staff and less reliance on YOU.
The goal: to be off the tools, with a real, functioning business, bringing in more money, so you can spend more time with the family, traveling more (or less) and take quiet days off to go fishing at the lake.

System Step 4

Community of Winners

Alongside everything else we are going to do to see you win, we have a community full of our clients on the same business growth journey.

Not like online free communities full of bad advice and toxic opinions.
Full of people on the same journey as you or a few steps ahead.
Other great people around the country ready to give advice you can trust on problems they too are facing in their business.
As well as cheering each other on in this lonely world of entrepreneurship.
Plus: We only take on one client per zone, so there's no competition in here. Purely growth conversations between successful business owners on the same journey.
A screenshot of the TGS Community Mastermind Facebook group.

Imagine a new reality where ...

You know exactly how to scale your business to the level you dreamt about when you first started.

(And you have the tools to do it)

So you can "come off the tools", put more vans on the road and spend time doing the things you love with your family...


Working With
Trade Growth Systems

Scalable Lead Generation: Leads hitting your phone, day in day out, so you can fill your calendar consistently, every single month.
Systems Engineering: We'll help you build out the systems required for you to transition off the tools, so you can actually start working on the business, rather than in the business.
1 on 1 Sales Coaching: Making sure your process in dialled in, so sales are consistent and other people can take over the role seamlessly when you're ready to let go of your business.
Growth Accountability: You get a dedicated 'Success Agent' to hold your hand & make sure you keep moving forward every month.
Mastermind Community: Get quick advice and key business growth learnings from other non-competing companies in your industry, who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt.
Total Monthly Value

Cost of
Doing It Elsewhere

Scalable Lead Generation: Months and months of trial & error trying to figure it out yourself, before hiring someone to do it in-house who needs training that you can't provide, before eventually going through 2-3 agencies before finding one that can actually produce results.
Systems Engineering: You can spend months building them yourself, hire a hard-to-find Chief Operations Officer/Systems Engineer, or hire an expensive Business Process Outsourcing agency - all of these take time, are expensive, or both.
1 on 1 Sales Coaching: Coaches who are worth their salt are hard to come by and typically have high retainers.
Growth Accountability: Unless you're lucky enough to have a  friend willing to speak to you every day and provide super-knowledgeable advice to keep you on track, you're going to need to hire a business coach or accountability agency.
Mastermind Community: To find one of these, you're going to have to go behind an expensive paywall or suffer the bullsh*t inside free Facebook Mastermind communities.
Cost of going alone
You can get all of this for just a fraction of the monthly value...


To maximise client results, we only take on
one client per serviceable zone.

Click the button below to claim your area before your competitor.


14-Day Trust Building Phase

We believe in earning your trust, not demanding it. If you’re not completely satisfied after 14 days, you’re free to opt-out, no questions asked.

How To Work With Us

Click the 'Claim My Area' button below to schedule your free, no-obligation intro call where we will see if you're a good fit for what we do.
If everything checks out on the intro call, we'll schedule a video call for a seperate time to run you through exactly how we get the results we do for our clients, so you know exactly we're the company for you.
If you want to be our next star client, we begin the onboarding process where we run you through the game plan and start building the advertising campaigns.
Typically our clients are live and receiving enquiries inside 7 days of jumping in. Want to be our next success story?

Click the button below now to book your intro call.


Have a question? No problem!

Here are the ones that we're most frequently asked:
What if this doesn't work?

Unlike other lead generation, sales consultancies and other business growth services, we have a mission to make sure all clients are left in a better place than we found them.

If on the rare occasion, both sides did everything they could to make this a success but results haven't quite hit the levels we would like them to, we would work with you for free until you were in the green, or, send you a refund to make you whole again.

How much does this cost?

Similar to the quotes you provide for customers, our prices are tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Although we have a core process that drives results, everything is tailored to your specific business so the price varies from client to client.

To get an accurate quote for your business, click the 'Apply Now' button and book your intro call.

Will you work with my competitors?

We we have a very strict exclusivity policy for all of our clients - meaning we will not take on another client in your area, once you lock it down.

We want to partner with our client's long-term and help them become the go-to company in their location.

How long does it take to see results?

We aim to have all new clients onboarded and live inside one week. 92% of our new clients start receiving new enquiries the day we kick things off. 98% inside 3 days.

What are the average client results?

Average clients take on an additional 1-2 vans in the first 6-12 months of working together.

Ready to finally grow the business you've been dreaming about?

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